Authorized Dealer of Berkey Water Purifiers

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the ultimate in purified water

Thirsty? Before you fill your jar from the tap, have you investigated what's in your water? It's important to do your research on how you hydrate: Providence has recently reported actionable items of lead, and East Providence has recently reported DBPs (Disinfection Byproducts) which can cause serious health problems. Berkey Water Filters & Purifiers are the ultimate in providing home consumers with clean water. At Hope & Thyme, we have free purified water available at our Food Counter for all patrons. 


berkey systems & accessories for your home, office, or small business

Hope & Thyme is currently the only authorized Berkey dealer within 50 miles of Providence. We have limited purifying systems and accessories available in-store for immediate purchase, and can also special order any Berkey item you may need with a quick turnaround time. We are passionate about spreading the clean water movement, and offer payment plans for systems, as well as discounts for local offices or businesses who want to offer pure water to their employees or community. 


demonstrations & workshops

Visit us during our open hours to see a demonstration of the Berkey Purifying System removing Artificial Coloring Red #40 from water. In addition, check out our Woke Wednesdays Clean Water Workshop and hear from our co-owner Bryan about the importance of clean water and how the Berkey differs from other PUR or Brita-style home filters. Bryan also offers on-site clean water demonstrations for community & education, and would love to bring Berkey Filters to your next wellness event.