Various size Ball jars are available for $2.

Use jars over and over in our package-free food system to reduce the waste generated by your groceries.

package-free pantry goods & HOME PRODUCTS

We have over 75 items package-free.

• Our 54 wall-mounted easy-to-dispense portion-controlled gravity bins with catch trays make it easy for you to control how much food comes out (preventing waste) and easy for us to maintain a clean food dispensing area. 

• These bins contain an array of basic dietary staples such as dried grains, beans, lentils, pasta (wheat and  brown rice), nuts, and seeds. 

• Our 14 "big mouth" bins allow for scoop or tong access to items such as granola, dried fruit, flavored pretzels, and nutritional yeast. 

• Underneath the wall of bins, we have several 5-gallon food-grade buckets with baking supplies. We currently stock sea salt, organic unbleached all-purpose flour, organic Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour, and organic cornmeal. Ask us if you need help shopping these buckets! 



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